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Fairy Wren is enthusiastic about passing on knowledge and helping people to improve their own environment wherever possible.  We look forward to working with you and making your garden as healthy, nurtured and productive as it can be!


We service anywhere between Lilydale, Launcestion and Deloraine.
Locations outside of this area are possible, travel fees apply. 
Please contact us for a quote.


Fairy Wren offers a 90-minute garden visit and consultation service*, which provides advice

on the following, but not limited to:

Designing/ revamping ideas

Pest and disease problems

Planting/plant placement

Fruit trees & rose pruning

Plant feeding & general plant care

Bird attracting gardens

Building healthy soil

Sourcing the right materials

*Additional travel expenses may apply for gardens outside the greater Launceston area

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Ask us about how we can work together to increase your garden's potential in these areas:





The best gardens are those that make people happy and comfortable. The gardens we admire most are relaxing, enchanting, easy to move through, and not too hard to maintain.


Paths and structures must be simple to navigate, while the plants selected must provide interest and beauty by using a variety of foliage, flowers, and texture. Using Native and non-native plants that are relatively pest and disease-free and adaptable to the changing climate conditions.


There are lots of things to think about during the design process, we work with our clients to provide a service an end product that they will be happy with for many years to come.




& care

Our service includes nurturing and caring for your garden, to optimise the overall health of the garden or to maintain a high level of beauty and aesthetics.


We pride ourselves in recognising what plant needs are and by improving soil problems, plant disease issues, and nutrient requirements. Our services include planting, plant placement, fertilising, trimming small hedges, specialist pruning, and mulching.


Fairy Wren also offers a one on one service, which we can work with you in the garden sharing our knowledge, on anything from pruning to propagation or if you love to garden and would just like to have a garden companion, then we are able to help!

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garden restoration

& heritage gardens

Has your garden become overgrown or lost it's shape? Have the plants grown tired and weary?  The garden beds may have even disappeared altogether!


Fairy Wren can give you the right guidance on how to restore your garden back to its former glory or even better. Some plants may need removing and replacing or simply pruning to rejuvenate them. If it is heritage or antique perennials you are after, Fairy Wren can assist with selecting the right plant species for the right position.

Indigenous native IMG_1341.JPG


indigenous & native garden design

Indigenous plants have adapted to our local conditions over thousands of years and are suited to the soil, rainfall and topography.


They attract our native birds, butterflies and frogs to our gardens, by providing seed, berries, perching sites and protection. They also provide wildlife corridors and biodiversity. 

They need less care, less pesticides and less fertilisers.


We can provide either a design on site, provide a list of plant species or a design plan for you to work from, which will be best suited to the space you hope to create and visualise.

native design pot gardens drought tolera

Pot gardens

Drought tolerant

& pot gardens

Pot plant gardens are a great solution for many reasons. Whether your space is a small patio, courtyard, or you
simply want to revamp.


We can transform a once empty area into a lush oasis, creating a garden
that suits your needs whether it is for colour or texture, attracting birds, insects, or drought tolerant.


We source the perfect pots for the space, choose the best quality growing medium and select plants
that require the same growing conditions. Not only considering colour, texture and light but we can also modify any existing hard surfaces that may need altering to suit your new pot plant garden.



biodiversity &


Creating a balanced garden with a canopy of trees, a middle story of large shrubs and an understory with thickets of small shrubs, ground covers, grasses and wildflowers will help attract the greatest number of birds.


This will provide birds with seed, berries, perching sites and protection, also restore wildlife corridors, linking parks and habitat areas.

Fairy Wren can help you grow a range of suitable indigenous or native plant species that will suit your area, whether your garden is a few containers on your balcony patio or a suburban yard. We will create a habitat that will encourage native bird species and biodiversity in your garden.

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