Pest and Disease Identification & Management

Pest and Disease Identification & Management

A Beneficial Predator ‘The Lady Bird’

Insects play an important role in the garden. Not every insect is an enemy.  Some are pollinators, some break down organic matter and some are beneficial predators that feed on the real enemies.  It is important to be able to identify your friends and foes, and then encourage the friends and frustrate the foes.

Insects and diseases are attracted to stressed, damaged or otherwise unhealthy plants so the key to preventive control is taking good care of your plants.

Effective and appropriate solutions such as physical barriers, traps, and specific biological agents, are available to assist in your efforts to protect your garden and at the same time maintain a healthy, natural environment.

Organic methods of pest and disease control mean a healthier garden for you, your plants and the insects, birds and animals around you.

We can help you to identify and manage pest or disease problems within your garden also recommend a solution that works best for you.